5 WTF Moments from Brazil vs Germany

Its been described as the “the biggest shame in history” and it really was. Germany thrashed Brazil 7 goals to 1. Goals from Thomas Muller, Sami Khedira, Miroslav Klose and a brace each from Toni Kroos and Andre Schurrle saw the host knocked out in the most humiliating manner, although Oscar did score a consolation goal in the dying moments for Brazil. Many people called it before this game (including yours truly), maybe Brazil are not as good as they were made out to be. Here are 6 WTF moments from the game:

1) The Brazil national team holding injured Neymar’s shirts before the game

During the national anthem and team photos they held Neymar’s shirt to perhaps show solidarity with the injured star. I thought it was a bit much, its not like he’s dead you know. And in hindsight, maybe they should have been holding Thiago Silva’s shirt.

Brazil vs Germany: Neymar's shirt
Brazil vs Germany: Neymar there in spirit? (via @barcastuff)

2) Fred starting

One can only fathom the workings of Scolari’s mind, but surely starting Fred ahead of Willian, especially in the absence of Neymar, was a decision that Scolari is ruing. To be fair to Fred though, it wasn’t his fault that Brazil got hammered (see defense, below).

3) The ref was fair

Two Brazilian penalty appeals were dismissed, one in the first half from Marcelo and another in the second half from Maicon. First time this World Cup we’ve seen the ref not succumb to crowd pressure.

4) Brazil’s defense

As good as all the goals were, they were in part due to defensive errors. It seems Scolari decided to just leave the center back position, that Thiago Silva held, completely open. Either that, or maybe Dante is just that crap. He couldn’t contain Kroos and Khedira. David Luis, the goal scoring defender and hero against Chile and Colombia, turned villain for leaving Muller unmarked, resulting in the opening goal and the onslaught. The most WTF moment came when realization dawned on me that Silva had been single-handedly holding together the hot mess that is Brazil’s defense all this time.

Thiago Silva watches Brazil vs Germany
Suspended captain Thiago Silva watches in horror as his side is torn apart by Germany

5) Klose sets a new record to jeering

A midst the goals and the booing from the crowd, Miroslav Klose broke Ronaldo’s world cup record, and is now the highest goal scorer in the history of the world cup with 16 goals. When he was subbed in the second half, he didn’t get a standing ovation, he barely even got an applause.

Miroslav Klose scores vs Brazil

Miroslav Klose sets a new World Cup Record (via @soccerdotcom)


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