7 reasons why Brazil 2014 is turning into the best world cup ever

We’re down to the last 8. If you feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself in the two day “break” until the Quarter finals, then you’re not alone.  Here’s a dose of World Cup magic for you: 7 reasons why this world cup is shaping up to be one of the best ever

Brazil World Cup 2014
Brazil: “Let us entertain you”

1) The goals.

With 154 goals scored, Brazil 2014 has already overtaken South Africa 2010 and its bound to be one of the highest scoring world cups if not the highest- the record is 171, France 1998.

2) Miguel Herrera 

The Mexican coach’s touchline antics have tickled the funny bone for many. Its a pity they lost to the Netherlands, I would’ve liked to see more of this:

Miguel Hererra celebrates gif
Mexico Coach Miguel Hererra celebrates on the sideline
Miguel Hererra celebrates against Croatia
Miguel Hererra celebrates against Croatia (via World Soccer Talk)

3) James Rodriquez

From obscurity to immortality.  The current leading goal scorer has set the tournament alight with his 5 goals in 4 games. His first goal against Uruguay is, for me, the goal of the tournament so far:

4) “Smaller teams” giving “bigger teams” a run for their money.

I say “smaller teams” in inverted commas, cos there’s really no such thing as smaller in the world cup. We’ve seen Chile outplay Brazil but they still tumbled out. Netherlands may have won, but Mexico won the hearts of the world. Algeria may have lost to Germany, but they made an entire continent proud.

5) The rebirth of the Ultimate Goalie

This world cup has showcased the highest quality of goal keeping seen in many years. Mexico’s Ochoa, Chile’s Bravo and Nigeria’s Enyeama have stood solid between the posts. The rise of the goalkeepers culminated in the Belgium vs USA game, which saw Tim Howard make 15 saves – the highest number in any world cup match. This of course led to a twitter trend #thingstimhowardcouldsave:

6) The goal celebrations

I wonder if they practice goal celebrations like they practice set pieces or spot kicks?

James Rodriguez celebrates goals
James Rodriguez and Co. celebrate his goal against Uruguay (via The Mirror)
Ghana goal celebration vs Germany
Ghana celebrates against Germany (via http://mumbakam.tumblr.com)
Brazil celebration
The Hosts celebration (via tumblr)

7) The fans

Not  just those in Brazil, but fans all over the world have embraced this tournament.

USA soccer fans
Soccer Fans in the USA have reason to celebrate (via @FIFAWorldCup)
Colombia vs Uruguay fans
Fans of Colombia and Uruguay joke before the game (via @MailSport)
World Cup South Korea fans
Fans of all ages (via Humans of Seoul)



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