Are Footballers as Frail as they are made out to be?

As a watch liverpool go down to birmingham, I wonder about our injury problems. Are players really as frail as managers make them out to be? Liverpool have been harboring so many injuries so far this season, its crippled the team. Nobody can deny, had Liverpool had a full strength squad we wouldn’t be in this situation. So when managers shelter players the way they do, is it justified? I’m by no means suggesting that footballers be asked to limp onto the pitch, but if they are 80% fit, I say give them a go. These men get paid extraordinary sums of money, they have jobs to get on with. The other thing of concern is back room staff and the medical facilities. Do LIverpool have the very best? Why are our players taking so long to nurse their injuries? If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, do enlighten me…

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