Atlante 1-3 FC Barcelona: Match review & pictures

Well Barca seem to be making this “early scare” business a bit of a habit. With yet another shaky start and a defensive lapse, Barca went 1-0 down. It stayed that way for 30 min before Sergio equalized. Barca came out in the second half, and Pep wasted no time in making his substitutions, bringing on Lionel Messi, who the crowd had been waiting to see. Mention must be made of Pep here, who is a real magician. He assess the situation and just knows what to do when the team is in trouble. Messi’s impact was immediate. He scored with literally his first touch of the ball. However Zla’s contribution to his goal cannot be undermined. Ibra set him up with a well timed, sublime pass. The rest of the match was a lost case for Atlante, who barely saw the ball in the second half. Pedro made it three for Barca, becoming the only man to score in 6 different tournaments in a season, a tremendous feat. The fact that all three of Barca’s goals came from players that their Cantera raised cannot go unnoticed. This is the era of Barca.

Even if you’re not a Barca fan, you gotta love the way they play. They make it look way to easy, they toyed with Atlante in the last 10 minutes. It seemed as though the players were having a good time of it, showing off their skills…you’d think they were in a training session.

Barca face Estudiantes on Saturday in the final. It’s Europe vs South America. It’s going to be huge.

A side note: Gonzalo Higuain was not concerned about sounding distasteful at the World Cup ball presentation in Madrid. He told reporters that he hopes Barca do not win the Club World Cup: “We know that Barca are playing at a very high level and they have a good chance of winning, but I hope that they do not have the luck to get there.”

Match pics for you to enjoy (they’re kinda huge. I will convert them to thumbnails in a few days)  EDIT:  Click to enlargen!

Images from

& el Mundo Deportivo

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