BARCA Fans Please Help Me Figure Out this Picture


After examining these pictures for
the better portion of my afternoon  (judging by the hair styles and dress sense, it must be 10 years old). I, for the life of me, cannot make sense of what I’m seeing. I have the following hypothesis:

A) The first picture looks like a they were practicing for when one day they rule Barca, how the team pose would look. Naturally, with Xavi being the hobbit he is, the team pose was modified to have the short players sitting on the taller players backs?

B) They were making a human pyramid in the first picture. And fell in the process. And conviniently landed up in the compromising positions we see in the second picture.

And thats where I am now. Anyone has any clue what they may have been up to, please oblige me. Also,your yellow/mustard shoes warrants an explaination, Mr. Hernandez.

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