Blaugrana Blitz: Back with a Vengeance! FC Barcelona 4-0 Rayo Vallecano

"Ooooh Baby!"

What a way to silence the critics. After the shock defeat to Getafe, the press have been all over the Catalan giants. I did not understand the hoopla, after all its one game, and as Barcelona legend Cryuff said “leagues aren’t won in December.” None-the-less, Pep rallied his troops and came back with a 4-0 thumping of recently promoted Rayo Vallecano. Barcelona made quick work of Rayo with 2 goals from Alexis, and a piece each from Villa and Messi. Messi, who always makes the difference. Messi, who is often called the best footballer in the world. Messi who people criticize. Messi,who some feel the game revolves around in the Barcelona team (I’m guilty of making this accusation myself). Pundits have been saying “stop Messi from scoring, and you stop Barcelona.” This may have been the case against Getafe. But now we all know our Pep is cleverer than that. Instead, against Rayo Vallecano, Messi played a more technical role, setting up a goal and then bagged one for himself to boot. This sends a strong message to the opposition: You can stop Messi, but we have a well oiled machine of 10 other players and then some. Try stopping that. he may not have been the best on the night, but he is still Messi. The players were pleased to be back to winning ways.

David Villa: “For us, the important thing is to keep on winning points. We played well again and we won by a good margin. You always need a goal, when it doesn’t come you focus on doing other things in the match. I’m happy that I scored but if I hadn’t I’d still be happy”

Dani Alves: “It was a tough match against a team that has personality, but we were on target and we found our goals.” (love the way he describes the team as having “personality”)

Onto the business end of things:

Firstly Gerard Pique went and got himself booked for a silly time wasting tactic (would you call it tactic?). He’s now received 5 yellows in La Liga which means he is definitely missing Barca’s clash with Levante. Following the Real Madrid fiasco of deliberate booking, if Pique is found to have gotten himself booked on purpose, he  could miss el Clasico (please God, no)

Secondly, Barca have now scored 34 goals at Camp Nou this season while conceding none. A great feat indeed!

Third, Andres Iniesta who was out injured against Getafe, was back in the starting lineup facing Rayo. A dirty tackle saw him brought down, and minutes later he was subbed. I really hope this doesn’t mean another game missed for the crumbly Iniesta. We need him!

And lastly, it grieves me to tell you that there have been no improvements on the front of Cesc Fabregas’ hair. Thats all. *Sniff*




  1. As always, I’m here to comment. 😉 Hope you don’t mind… I’m just happy to have found a Barca site! My thoughts:

    I was sweatin’ it the first 30+ minutes. We didn’t have our usual constant possession, and Valdes was touching the ball WAY too much. I thought everyone looked nervous, and incredibly relieved after Alexis scored the first of the night.
    My favorite moment was when Alves fed Villa for that goal. It absolutely looked like a gift… “Here Villa, you get this one. We’re all pulling for you!” It almost brought tears to my eyes! I love how this team takes care of each other. 🙂
    I wish Pique hadn’t done that. It just stokes the fires of criticism… First, Barcelona criticizing RM for using the same tactic last season, then Barca using it later, then Mou saying this week that Xabi wouldn’t use it because they don’t do that… blah, blah, blah. It is what it is, I guess!
    My match wasn’t in HD, so the quality wasn’t great, but I swear, from a distance, Cesc is starting to look a little like Puyol running around the pitch sometimes. With that floppy hair and a similar run… I’m just sayin’!

  2. So sorry… Forgot to saw one more thing! I LOVE how Iniesta came out shooting! That lofted mid-field lob at the beginning? It was great to see him feeling fierce, hungry, and a little pissed off that they were unable to score over the weekend. I just love this guy. 🙂 If he’s picked up another injury I may have to cry.

  3. Heya 😉 yeah they needed sometime to settle into the game, but once they got firing, it was a joy to watch:) I still think they not back at their 100%.
    It will be tragic if Iniesta picks up another injury, I may crawl into a hole and stay there till he’s better. As for Pique, I’m still not convinced it was a deliberate yellow, surely they learnt from their nemesis’ mistakes? Either way I may die if he’s out of the RM clash..and I don’t think it was the lack of HD, Cesc has been on a downward spiral for a while now, but I’ll still love him *sighs*

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