Blaugrana Blitz: Barca boys go shopping in Milan

You will never guess what my mad google-searching skills have found me? Pictures of the Barca guys out shopping while in Milan for their Champions League tie with AC Milan! I don’t know how I missed this for over a week, but either way, here it is.

Looks like Xavi & Co took to the streets of Milan (in their Barcelona tracksuits might I add) in need of some major retail therapy. The guys, including Cesc Fabregas & Busquets, were seen leaving one particular high-end designer store with huge shopping bags in tow and looking well pleased.

What the...?

With Cesc opting for what only looks like army boots and that fierce expression on his face, one can assume that he is going to fight in the war (don’t know which one is going on at the moment, I’m not too clued up on important stuff like that). Either that or as I feared (because of his hair,) he has completely lost it. Oh and is that a stocking I see he’s wearing *blush*

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