Blaugrana Blitz: Pep’s proud, Vic’s got a new tat, Lio is awesome.. Life’s good for Barca!

Barca are the “winter champions!” Yay! If you haven’t seen the match pics, do check them out HERE
They’re updated 😀

Uh-oh… Guardiola’s reluctance to sign a new deal is causing rumours to surface. Is he looking for prospects elsewhere? Maybe try his hand at international football? Or what about a different league?

Some British tabloids seem to think so. They believe that Manchester United are lining him up to replace Sir Alex! It appears that folk are impressed with Peps ability to handle a dressingroom full of stars 😀

“Yes there has been contact from a club, but there’s been no talk of money nor of the club project. These are a decision that Pep will have to make,” said Pep’s agent José María Orobitg.

While these rumours may have some depth to them, they also go to the extent of suggesting that Pep may go to United as early as next season! 2ven though this somehow feel that this is unlikely, I would still feel better if he just renewed ASAP:-)

Barca, in the meantime have given Pep till easter to renew his contract. Please Pep! Sign on the dotted line!

Okay, let’s talk about awesome Lio Messi for a bit. He was phenomenal yesterday. The thibg with Messi is, he never rerally has a “bad” performance, well for Barca atleast 😛 His bad performance is a regular footballers “good” performance.

So with him reaching 100 (he’s actually on 101) he becomes Barca’s youngest centurioun! And, he’s the top scorer in Spain. Woohoo!

The Argentine said: “I’m happy – especially with the result – we came into the game off a tough elimination and we knew we had to lift ourselves, which we did so spectacularly.”

He also spoke of the Sevilla keepr Palop and his match winning performance in the Cup: “well, I didn’t lose any sleep over him, but he did spoil the party for me a bit in Seville. He won in Seville, because he managed to get the better of me in a number of one-on-ones, as he also did on Saturday. It was a real relief to get the goal. I wasn’t so much obsessed by getting the hundredth goal as much as with beating Palop since I couldn’t score against him in the Cup.”

Messi’s scored in critical moments for the club. He’s also scored some of the most beautiful goals in recent years. When asked which he prefers: “I’d stick with the goals that have been the most important –those I got in the finals, rather than the pretty ones. It’s scoring in the big games that really thrills me.”

“The truth is that with all the big things that have happened to me, well I’m not giving them too much importance. I just try and live quietly and normally and keep my eye on achieving more,” said the ever modest Lio.

With regards to their 5 point lead: “It’s an important lead, but there is still a lot of league to go. There’s the whole of the second half of the season to play and I’m sure Madrid will be in there. We have nothing to prove to anybody not even to ourselves, we have the same attitude we had last year, we want to win things – that’s what we are demonstrating.”

Messi was one of those that were reduced to tears after their Cup elimination. He explained his emotions: “I was hurt by it. We hadn’t expected to be knocked out and it was particularly hard to lose how we did. We were so superior in the second half and we had so many clear cut chances- It was tough because we hadn’t seen it coming, we were convinced we would turn the tie around and get through.”

He also paid tribute to his coach Pep: “He’s a winner and he knows how to control the squad and use just the right words when they are needed. He’s always praising me and I’ve always said that he is very important for me- all the little things he does for me and I’m very grateful for everything.”

See, Pep! Your players love you! S-i-g-n A-l-r-e-a-d-y!

Anyone notice anything new about Valdes yesterday? No, nothing to do with his hair, or lack thereof! Well, Vics got a new tatoo! It’s on his right forearm, its pretty big…


It says “DYLAN,” his sons name!

Ag, Cute!


Oh no! Busquets is out for a week! It seems he’s sustained an injury to his kidney in the match against Sevilla, and requires a week of bed rest. He spent the whole of today being monitored in hospital, but thankfully, he’s out now. Get well soon Sergi!

So Pep’s stuck in a dilema, with the Valladolid match coming up, Pep is without Sergio and Yaya.. Who will fill the void? Press seem to think Marquez will step in…

Okay, back to Pep now (I can’t help it!)

Post match interviews had Pep bursting with pride: “everybody did everything – that’s the way we do things! Everybody helped each other out and the fact that we did everything is what makes us such an admirable team

“We played 90 minutes at the same level as we played the second half on Wednesday. When we play as we can, we are a team who can compete with anybody. Today we saw the intensity and the desire of all the players for the whole game.”

He had kind words for his star striker: “You just have to congratulate him. It’s amazing at his age. It’s in his hands to break all the records. What we all like about him is his endless ambition. I can tell he wants more. The figures show what a great trajectory he’s had and he’s a great example for future generation.”

The coach was particularly proud of the way his team dusted themselves off after Wednesday’s elimination: “We came out strong in the first half, but we rushed things a bit in front of goal. The first goal calmed us down and we recovered the essence of our style. If you make as many chances as we did, then you’ve played well. Now we’ll take a couple of days rest and then get back to work.”

Pep doesn’t wanna make too much of the fact that they’re the winter champions: “it’s just an anecdote and you don’t get any prizes for that”


Pep has given his players two days off. They will return to training on Tuesday at 11a.m.

Even though we’d still like to have been in the Copa, their elimination now means that they have more time on their hands. Therefore the players will get more rest time than they did around this time last year.


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