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Footballers and Politics – should the two mix?

Lionel MEssi Photo Shopped pro-Israel images

Should football and politics/current affairs mix?

Footballers on Vacation: Xavi Hernandez


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Footballers on Vacation: Cesc Fabregas playing Papa-Bear

As previously mentioned Cesc Fabregas and his lady love Daniella Semaan are vacationing in Italy. These snaps show them bonding with Daniella’s two children Maria and Joseph. They do look like a happy family (?)

Andres Iniesta and Ana Ortiz Cancun bound!

Newly weds Andres Iniesta and Ana Ortiz arrived in Cancun, Mexico for their honeymoon.

Footballers on Vacation:

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Footballers on Vacation:

Xavi Hernandez in Ibiza: .

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Random Pic: Lionel Messi’s wine

Andres Iniesta weds Ana Ortiz: all the details

The wedding of Andres Iniesta and Ana Ortiz took place on 8 July 2012 in the scenic venue of Castell de Tamarit. It was a spectacular event, graced by over 700 guests! Family, friends and teammates watched the hero of the World Cup 2010 and EURO 2012 pledge his undying loyalty to his long time …

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Tidbits: Transfer rumours – Barcelona to sell Villa, Torres leaving Chelsea plus City’s X-mas party

If reports are to be believed, Barcelona want to sell David Villa as early as the January transfer window, or by the end of the season latest. He has recently been linked to several English clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa. Think its true or not?  It is Marca after all, so take it …

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WAG Alert: Shakira spends time with her in-laws

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