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The Issue of Cesc Fabregas…

Growing up, I supported Liverpool from the age of 5 years old. I came to support Barcelona when I was slightly older (the local South African cable only got a license for La Liga a little later). I laugh with these teams and cry with these teams. When Michael Owen transferred to Real Madrid, I …

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Whose getting ready to hear a lot of “Xavi Alonso”?

Fernando Torres: “Number Nine” & the “True Story”

Fernando Torres who was vehemently booed when Spain faced off with England at Wembley, says he expects the abuse to be a lot worse on Sunday when the Reds visit Stamford Bridge. He also insinuated that the Liverpool fans don’t know the full story of the transfer to Chelsea, claiming there was two sides to …

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Michael Owen out for 6 weeks: A fallen Idol?

There was a time, many years ago, when I was convinced that Michael Owen was the love of my life. He was the star kid for Liverpool & England, the next big thing. Then he went and made the worst move of his career by switching to Real Madrid. Now I say this is the …

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Messi Married?

So if rumours are to be believed, Lionel Messi and Antonella are back together.To take things a step further, they were rumoured to have gotton married in Ibiza! I feel like this is the umpteenth rumour of Messi’s marriage… lets wait for confirmation before we believe this one…

Random Pics: Gerard Pique’s other half (?)

For those interested, here’s presenting the Very Beautiful Nuria Tomas, the rumoured girlfriend of Gerard Pique:

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The Gerard Pique collection..

Gerard Pique recently signed on to represent Time Force, a watch company that also has Cristiano Ronaldo on board. The official shoot has been released and here is the result: The shoot has been met with much critism from Pique fans the world over, many claiming that he’s been too photoshopped for their liking…what do …

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Xabi Alonso pics from El Pais…

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Something for the Chicas: Spain Stars for Hugo Boss

HUGO BOSS: Style Beyond the Game Spanish superstars Cesc Fabregas, Xabi Alonso & David Villa have been recruited as the new faces of the Hugo Boss campaign: Style Beyond the Game. The key theme of this campaign is an elegant and classic game (football) in which style is an important factor. Each of the footballers …

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Random Pic: Gerard Pique Mellow-Yellow

I found this on MD and decided to post it to commemorate Gerard Pique’s recent renewal:

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