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Are Footballers as Frail as they are made out to be?

As a watch liverpool go down to birmingham, I wonder about our injury problems. Are players really as frail as managers make them out to be? Liverpool have been harboring so many injuries so far this season, its crippled the team. Nobody can deny, had Liverpool had a full strength squad we wouldn’t be in …

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Roberto Carlos impossible goal

check this out. This goal still baffles scientists!  

Player Profile: Karim Benzema

Ballon d’Or nominee, Karim Benzema

Player Profile: Andrei Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin, of Arsenal and Russia. Ballon d’Or nominee.

Ballon d’Or nominees..

  A couple weeks ago, Ballon d’Or nominees were announced. 30 European based players have been short-listed for this prestigious award. The nominees are: Andrey Arshavin  (Arsenal) Karim Benzema  (Real Madrid) Iker Casillas  (Real Madrid) Cristiano Ronaldo  (Real Madrid) Diego  (Juventus) Didier Drogba  (Chelsea) Edin Dzeko  (Wolfsburg) Samuel Eto’o  (Inter Milan) Cesc Fabregas  (Arsenal) Fernando …

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