Copa del Rey: Sevilla 0-1 Barcelona: They’re still no.1 to me (plus match pictures)

Barca have surrended their first trophy. After loosing the first leg of the Copa del Rey tie at home 1-2 it was always going to be a tough job to go to Sevilla and win by 2 clear goals.

But let’s not forget that they did win yesterday’s match. And even though they looked shakey in the first half, they were all business in the second, Messi and Iniesta were particularly inspirational, and the “warrior” that is Puyol kept the Sevilla attack in line. But alas, it was a night of too many wasted chances and a superb display by Palop in the nets for Sevilla.

“It’s painful for us to be eliminated in this way. In the second half we thought we’d make it to the next round… but now we must move on,” said Lionel Messi after the match

“It is difficult because we do not expect (the defeat). It’s unfortunate but we have to congratulate Sevilla also,” he added.

They may be knocked out of this tournament, but to me, They’re still the best team in the world!

Images via Mundo Deportivo

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