FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Things I Hope For

With just a few hours to kick off, here are my hopes for the coming tournament:

Its here! World Cup 2014

That its set alight with one outstanding player

Okay, lets be honest, at the last installment we didn’t see an out and out amazing player, who took the tournament by storm. Yeah, Diego Forlan was voted best player, but he certainly was no Ronaldo of 2002, or Zidane of 1998. I’m hoping for someone who will make me want to stay up till 3am (my local time of some of the games) just to watch him dribble, dazzle and score.

That an unknown player becomes an overnight superstar

You know what I’m talking about. That one youngster who, after a good show at a major tournament, is suddenly being chased down by the Chelsea’s and Manchester City’ of this world. Let’ s hope he only chooses wisely.

A clean, controversy free tournament…

There is nothing worse than having your team hard done by. Especially when you’re sitting at home and action replays are possible. Hopefully the addition of goal line technology is fruitful

Okay, maybe just a little controversy

Whether you like to admit it or not, controversy makes some good chatting (and blogging) material. I mean, whether it was Ronaldo’s winking or Zidane’s head butt, it left us talking about it for months.

Admit it – Zidane’s head butt got you talking for months

The players don’t die from heat stroke…

One of the biggest concerns for Brazil 2014 is the humidity. Even though its currently Brazil’s winter, some areas (Manaus) are stiflingly humid. Even worse, some matches will be played around midday Brazilian time, when the humidity is at its max.

This image has gone viral – of the Manaus stadium looking dilapidated just a few days before kick off

Or Malaria 

The English national team have mandatory orders from the FA to take tablets to prevent Malaria. This seems to be only a concern in the area of Manaus (someone remind me of why games are being played here?). The tablets can cause headaches, nausea and abdominal cramps. The Italians however are more lax about taking these pills, the players were told to take them if they like, or not.

An African Team makes it to the semi’s

This was on my wish list for 2010, but was not meant to be. With Ghana drawn in the group of death, Africa’s hopes seem slimmer than last time. But hopefully the Football God’s will answer my prayers this time.

A new team lifts the trophy

As someone who starts screaming with joy every time Lionel Messi gets the ball, or Neymar dribbles past three defenders, or when Xavi makes a ridiculous pass; this may seem strange. Yes, I will still be screaming and shouting for the top guns, but I sincerely hope a new team lifts the trophy in a months time.

A safe World Cup

I am sure many of you are making the trip to Brazil. And amid all the current controversy in Brazil with people rioting and protesting the World Cup, security is a BIG concern for me, especially since many of my loved ones are going over to Brazil. Lets hope for a safe tournament.

That my husband becomes as footy mad as I am

For those who didn’t know, I’m a lady (did my writing not give it away?). And like I mentioned earlier, I recently got married. While my man is perfect in my eyes, and supportive (he encouraged me to continue blogging), he could take to football more enthusiastically – hopefully this World Cup will turn him.  He made a good start by going out to get Caipirinha’s for today’s opening ceremony.

What are your hopes for this years World Cup?


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