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Formations: 4-4-2


The Classic 4-4-2

4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 strikers

The 4-4-2 is probably the most popularly used formation by managers today. Sir Alex Ferguson utilized this formation in his treble winning Manchester United side. The weakness of this formation is the big gaps left between the defensive line and midfield; and the midfield and strikers. Also 2 strikers against 4 midfielders don’t really stand a chance. Hence, this formation relies heavily on the strength of the midfield. The central (or holding) midfielders will be required to deliver accurate passes to the strikers as well as lend support to the full-backs. With the midfield generally taking a more offensive stance, the team is usually left vulnerable in the counter attack. It is therefore regarded better to attack wide. Left and Right midfielders (or wingers) move down the flank and supplement the teams strike force and stretching the oppositions defence, opening up gaps for the strikers whilst doing so.

This formation is very adaptable and gives the team plenty of goal scoring options. The weakness is that it’s highly predicable. However, if a team has a well-built midfield, this formation can be utilized and tailor made to fit the team’s needs from a strong offense to a tough-to-crack defence.

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