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Pep Guardiola: The Comedian (Videos and Pictures)

We all know that he was an amazing player, a great coach and a shrewd tactician. But Pep Guardiola has always provided us with a bit more since he started coaching Barca – plenty of laughs. He is probably one of the funniest managers in the business. With his animated reactions to every little thing, you are sure to enjoy the show even if the match is boring (which is seldom the case with Barca). People often look forward to match highlights, so we are proud to present Pep’s very entertaining “match-winning” moments. Grab your popcorn!

The Conductor of the orchestra that is Barca:

Barca vs Bayern, where he was oh so angry at the ref for not awarding Barca a penalty…

“Saturday Night Fever”

In last seasons Champions League Semi-Final vs Chelsea, he was particularly hyper-active, and his celebration of Iniesta’s goal will be etched in everybody’s memory forever more :

“Alot Alot”

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  1. footballisscience

    Nice post!! Guardiola also has some other great quotes:

    “Now we just want to enjoy it, eat and drink a lot –dance a lot, sing a lot –do a lot of everything- Now is the time to party, that’s what winning this title deserves and we have time to get ready for the final in London.”
    – Josep Guardiola after the game against Levante.

    1. afootballblog

      LOL he is quite the entertainer!

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