Michael Owen out for 6 weeks: A fallen Idol?

There was a time, many years ago, when I was convinced that Michael Owen was the love of my life. He was the star kid for Liverpool & England, the next big thing. Then he went and made the worst move of his career by switching to Real Madrid. Now I say this is the worst move, not because I’m a Barcelona fan, but he effectively spend that season warming the bench at Madrid while former club Liverpool won the Champions League. Then Newcastle (for what reason, I’m not sure) dug deep into their pockets to bring him back to England. There he plied his trade mostly under the radar. Then when the club got relegated, instead of staying and helping the guys that invested so much in him getting back into the Premier League, he jumped ship, again. When the news came of his move to Manchester United, I remember watching it unfold on T.V. Yes, it wasn’t a direct move from Liverpool and yes I know its been years since he played for the Reds, but I still felt betrayed. My once idolised hero had fallen into the hands on the team I loathed most. And to make matters worse, he looked positively excited. So when I stumbled upon the news that Michael Owen will be out for 6 weeks due to thigh injury, the 12-year-old within me that once idol worshipped this man felt the need to blog about it. So Owen will be out for a good 9 games including the boxing day clash with Wigan. A “blow” to Sir Alex? I think  not. Most fans seem to agree that Michael Owen wouldn’t have been playing even if he was fit.I always wonder, had he not left Liverpool in the first place to pursue “bigger dreams” (so much for that), what would have become of him?  One cannot deny the he played his best football at Anfield and it seemed that he was happiest when at Liverpool.Would he have turned out to be the ultimate Kop legend?

Michael Owen in happier times

For a rather humourous side-ways take on his injury situation check out this: Michael Owen consolidates first team place for Twitter until Christmas


    • Haliemeh on November 15, 2011 at 12:58 pm
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    “Had he not left Liverpool in the first place to pursue “bigger dreams” (so much for that), what would have become of him? ” Well, that is the million dollar question, isn’t it? And a sad thoguht!

    1. A very sad thought indeed! Will the whole “Spanish invasion” under Benitez even happened? Would we have seen stars like Torres, Alonso, Arbeloa? Guess we’ll never know :/

  1. From an incredible young start to his career (who could forget ‘that’ goal against Argentina and the brace to beat Arsenal in the FA cup?) everything went horribly wrong and stayed there. As you perhaps intimate this could be due to his peculiar selection of clubs as much as his injury woes.

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