My Favourite World Cup Blogs

The Best World Cup Blogs

The Best World Cup Blogs

This World Cup has been one of the best in recent times. The flurry of goals – and good ones too – the comebacks, inspirational play, its all been exhilarating . I had the good fortune of enjoying 13 games at the last World Cup held here in South Africa, including both semi finals and the final at Soccer City. This time around, I wasn’t so lucky to get tickets. But how I wish I was in Copacabana to soak in the World Cup atmosphere. But I am not. Instead I am relegated to watching on a HD TV and the world wide web for added entertainment. If you’re also watching from home, here are some handy blogs & sites that will make your World Cup experience a whole lot better:

200% – This blog has been around for a while and the writers possess a rich knowledge of the game

The Socceroos An Australian fans World Cup experience

My World Cup A nifty site that will give you all the facts you need to know about your favourite teams.

Football Photographer Blog For pictures from Brazil – you will feel like you’re there!

World Cup of Joe A World Cup centered blog with great insights.


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