Pep Guardiola Visits the FC Barcelona Exhibition (with pictures)

Some of you may not know, but there’s a new Mutimedia exhibition that opened today at the FCB Musuem. The exhibition is a tribute to all that FC Barcelona has achieved throughout its history.

“The Barça anthem” (“El can’t del Barca”) is part of the exhibition which features the lyrics of the famous Barça song translated into more than 30 different languages:

There is also an audiovisual celebration of the Club, which includes themes such as “No one can ever break us.”These are images of players during the clubs most pivotal moments:

An eight-metre screen displaying videos of the club’s best moments, which also allows visitors to replay their favourite videos via touch screen, is entitled “We’ve achieved so much over the years.”

“We’re the blue and claret supporters” (“Som la gent blaugrana”) is another section which pays tribute to the clubs members. It takes the form of a garden with 870 flowers, each of which is a small screen. They display photos of all the players that have played a competitive game with the first team. A giant wall screen displays the names of more than 20,000 Club members:

“The whole stadium loudly cheers”(“Tot el camp és un clam”) is a section where visitors listen to sounds that can be heard in the Camp Nou on a matchday – Cheering, singing, announcements of the line-ups.

Pep Guardiola took some time off to visit the new exhibition. Here are the pics:

It sounds and looks pretty awesome. If any of you happen to visit the exhibition, I’d be keen to know what you thought of it!

(Pics from the Official site )

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