Suarez and Chiellini kiss and make up

Chiellini Suarez bite
Giorgio Chiellini displays his bite marks

If you haven’t heard about the latest Luis Suarez biting incident, even if you’re not a football fan, you may be living under a rock. Suarez bit Chiellini, he received a lengthy ban: 9 international games, four months off the game completely on an international and club level (he’s not allowed to train with his team or even attend matches). The ban was described by Chiellini himself as “excessive.” What has happened in the aftermath as been a complete circus. The president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, has come to his defense and described FIFA as “a bunch of old sons of bitches.” The Uruguayan coach, Oscar Tabarez has since quit the FIFA Technical Committee in a sign of solidarity with his star striker, citing that Suarez was being made a scapegoat by the British media. It got even weirder still, Suarez himself then released a statement claiming he tripped and fell onto Chiellini, apparently face first, therefore his mouth made contact with the Italians shoulder, making the incident look like a bite. He has since been demonized by the global media. He decided to fly back to him hometown in Uruguay where he received a hero’s welcome:.

Now in a twist of events, Suarez has apologized to Chiellini on twitter:

And Chiellini responded:


Word of the Street (read:twitter) is that Suarez’ apparent change of heart is because FC Barcelona has insisted on him publicly apologizing before he can even think of transferring to the Catalan giants. And if reports are to be believed, any contract with Barca will include an anti-biting clause.


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