Suarez to Barcelona: A Fans Opinion

Luis Suarez to FC Barcelona

Ok. As a self confessed Liverpool FC fan and a FC Barcelona fan, the sale of Luis Suarez from Anfield to Barca shouldn’t bother me, right? Wrong. Here’s the thing: Barca don’t need Suarez. While Liverpool could still use him. Heres what I think:

The Barca point of view:

My problem with the sale is circumstantial:

  • Firstly, reportedly a fee of 70 million pounds has been paid to secure his services. Well those services will only be able to be rendered at the end of October due to his FIFA ban. Who knows if he will even be match fit by then, as per the ban, he’s not even allowed to train with his team mates.
  • The other thing is, while Barca will be formidable with him, did it warrant spending so much? We could have boosted our attack with supporting strikers to Messi and Neymar. Even better, why not utilize the talent we already had? The sale of Alexis Sanchez to fund this move just rubs me the wrong way. While we’re still on the issue of the price, why wasn’t this amount used to cement the ailing Barca defense? (A CENTER BACK IS NEEDED!!!)
  • Suarez for all we know may be an absolute delight as a person. He is reportedly a family man – a wonderful husband and father- a humble team mate and just an all round likable person. He is pretty sandal free off the pitch, but his antics on the pitch have told a different story. Three separate bans for three separate biting incidents tells a story. Lets not even get started on the racism accusations. Whether they’re true or not, they are not part of the Barca way. As much as I stand by my players, it was becoming increasingly difficult to continuously stand by Suarez  time and time again for the same offence. And I will be a liar if I said his reputation did not drag Liverpool FC’s through the mud. I fear the same may happen with Barca.

The Liverpool Point of View

  • Without Suarez, Liverpool do not have another World Class Stiker. There, I said it. And by World Class I mean in the league of Messi, Neymar, Van Persie. Look, Daniel Sturridge is good, but that’s just it, isn’t it? He’s just not on the same level as Suarez, yet.

  • Never before  has a club stood by a player after doing so much wrong, for the said player to up and leave. If any Liverpool fan told you that the Suarez transfer didn’t hurt, even just a little, they are lying. Despite all he’s done, fans grew to love him (including myself). He played passionate football and genuinely seemed to love the club in return. The energy he brought the Liverpool’s game will be irreplaceable.

  • There has been reports that part of the transfer fee will have to be paid to Ajax. It was included in the contract when he transferred from the Dutch side to Liverpool back in 2011. Losing our star striker and having to pay back some of the fee? Not so cool.

On the bright side…

For Liverpool, at least they can put the rest of the sale money to some good use. I’m sure Brendon Rodgers has a few more signings in mind, I just hope its some big name strikers and not anymore Southampton Players.  Also, fans don’t have to stress anymore about whether or not Suarez is going to flip his head, no more reputation damning antics, no more tears shed over games missed due to another ban. Bottom line is, Suarez came with baggage, and its no longer the Reds problem. 

For Barca, well Suarez’s skill and quality is plain to see. The Neymar- Suarez-Messi combination is enough to intrigue any Barca fan. To put it plainly, Barca’s attack will be unstoppable. With regards to his behaviour – well his contract reportedly included a “behaviour” and “anti-biting” clause (I kid you not!)., so hopefully that will keep his biting at bay. The Uruguayan striker is also the most passionate footballer I have ever seen, and for all he’s qualities that don’t fit in at Barca, this is the one quality of his that does fit.

The deal is done and we may as well embrace it. 

I think all in all, between the three parties involved – Suarez, Barca and Liverpool – Suarez is the only real winner. He’s gone from one big club to another, he will be paid handsomely for it (even while he is banned and not even kicking a ball), and will be playing alongside the best in the business.  


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