The Cesc Saga: Fabregas is happy at Arsenal & back from injury!

Arsenal’s chairman Peter Hill-Wood has said that captain Cesc Fabregas is “delighted” to be at Arsenal. These comments reaffirm his previous frusration with Barca, who have been courting Cesc for some time now. He also confirmed Wenger had personally written letters to Barcelona and Real Madrid telling t to back off.

He said that Cesc is “a very sensible young man;” that he enjoys his life in London; loves playing for Arsenal and working with Wenger.

“Cesc will not be tempted by other clubs,” Hill-Wood concluded.

Oh and btw, Cesc has recovered from that hamstring injury he sustained 4 weeks ago. (Ahh remember how he came on against Aston Villa, scored 2 goals and won the match for Arsenal?) He will most probably return to the squad for Arsenal’s match against Bolton this weekend.

(Picture from the Telegraph)

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