World Cup Closing Ceremony: Quick and Painless

World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony

World Cup Closing Ceremony (via @WorldCupPosts)

It started with ladies dressed in strange dresses, 32 of them representing the 32 nations of this World Cup, dancing around. It came down to two: Germany and Argentina, they looked oddly like tin men.

After some free style football by two freestyle footballers, we were presented with a “musical extravaganza” starring: Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana, Alexandre PiresIvete Sangalo and Carlinhos Brown. Shakira, a World Cup closing ceremony veteran (shes been in the last 3), swiveled her hips and belted out her latest track “La La La (Dare)”  At the end, all the performers took to the stage including Shakira’s cute little son Milan Pique (Gerard Pique is the father), who looked quite disinterested.


World Cup Closing Ceremony

The Musicians including Shakira – World Cup Closing Ceremony (via @maggie_ginar)

It certainly wasn’t an extravaganza, but it was better than the opening ceremony. It was quick and painless to watch. One criticism: You’d think after the entire world complained about the poor sound at the Opening ceremony, they’d have gotten their stuff together. But no.

closing ceremony speakers

I think these may be the actual speakers used in the World Cup Closing Ceremony



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