Russia 2018: Highs and Lows of Round 1

Its been a rollercoaster of a week and so far Russia is all I could have hoped for and more. Here are my personal highs and lows from round 1 of the tournament:


1) Russian roulette

I loved the home sides opening performance, I loved Golovins performance. I loved the home crowds engagement. I loved seeing the lowest ranked team in the tournament win by the biggest margin so far.

2) Favourites for what?

I love that the so called “smaller” and less prominent teams have come to play, and proven that they are not here just to make up numbers.  France, Belgium and England have been the only “big” teams to win – and only just.  And can we just talk about Mexico. Their passionate performance was one of my favourites in this first round. This match proved that playing with your heart will always trump playing with your brain. Ok not always. But mostly. That, combined with their emotional reaction to beating the current Champs Germany made my week.

Hirving Lozano celebrates

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Russia 2018: Players to Watch

As alluded to in my previous post, there are some fantastic players who  we should be watching. Some are lesser known, and play for not so sparkly teams but they may shine this tournament.

Robert Lewandowski

Okay, so he’s not unknown, but his national side, Poland are definitely not one of the hot favourites. But the Polish have a good chance of progressing, with Colombia, Japan and Senegal in their group. Poland are higher ranked than both England and Spain. Lewandowski, the Bayern Munich striker, has been one of the quiet but regular goal scorers in Europe. For European qualifying he was the top scorer with 16 goals for Poland.  Continue reading

Russia 2018: Here Goes

Hi everyone!

Much like Zinedine Zidane in 2006, I have taken myself out of early retirement to blog around the FIFA 2018 World Cup (hopefully this doesn’t end the way 2006 ended for him). I have been semi-active on Twitter (you should really follow me), but to catch everyone up, in the last four years I have moved house, taken up a new job and got myself into a 4 year training program which has taken up most of my time (and life). This year this blog is 9 years old, despite the changing look, style of writing and home of this site, over the last third of my life, this blog has been one of the most constant factors. I am hoping that once I’m completed with the training program I am in (hopefully by mid-2019),  I will have more time to devote to blogging. Writing is my ultimate passion, as is the game of football.

Despite all these ongoing life changes, my expectation of each and every major game or tournament usually remains unchanged and are fairly simple. So for this upcoming tournament, I have named  4 things I hope will happen. Here goes!

World Cup 2018 Russia is about to kick off

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3 Reasons why Germany has been successful.

Germany’s win in the 2014 World Cup was no accident. The seed for success was planted a long time ago, and is has taken almost two decades to bear fruit. Here’s why they’ve been so successful, and will probably continue to be for years to come.Germany wins the 2014 World Cup


1) Relaxed terms of German citizenship

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Footballers and Politics – should the two mix?

Lionel Messi - usually one to stay quiet when it comes to politics

Lionel Messi – usually one to stay quiet when it comes to politics

Its very rarely that you will see anything political on this blog. I’m not talking football politics – that I relish. I’m talking real world politics, conflict, war, plane crashes, the whole shebang.


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The Worlds Most Hated Footballers

There are certain footballers that exist on this earth of ours that are just so darn unlikable. Here I take a look at the footballers we love to hate: Continue reading

Germany: The Best World Cup Celebration Pics

 The best images from Germany’s World Cup celebrations…

Germany wins the 2014 World Cup

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World Cup 2014: Fulfilled Wishes

On the outset of the World Cup 2014 Brazil, I wrote a piece “FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Things I Hope For.” Well here’s looking back on an awesome tournament. Lets see how many of my wish list came true. (Green is wish fulfilled, red is wish not granted.)

A piece of street art in Brazil featuring Robin Van Persie

A piece of street art in Brazil featuring Robin Van Persie (via @Persie_Official)

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Tidbits: Rumours – Khedira to Arsenal, Reus to Liverpool and more

Now the the World Cup is officially over *sniff* the Football World can focus solely on  what I like to call “silly season” aka the Transfer Window.

Lazar Markovic to Liverpool FC

Markovic is one of the many signings Liverpool has made so far (via @premierleague)

Here are some of the biggest  signings that have already happened:

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Post World Cup Depression?

Mats Hummels celebrates vs France

Mats Hummels: “Thank God for A Football Blog!” (image via @UEFAEURO)

Are you suffering from what I like to call “Post World Cup Depression?” Well, fear not. Relive the tournament with my most popular World Cup 2014 posts. It should keep your appetite satiated until the new Footy season kicks off. 33 days and counting! Click to to read the full entry. Enjoy!

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