Barcelona & the Six – Where to now for the Champions?

Barcelona have exceeded all expectations. But what next for the Champions? Well according to the Official Site the players and staff enjoyed a private party at their hotel after their win last night:

I’m loving that shirt! The Back of the shirt on Puyol:

They jet off to Kuwait today (Sunday) for a friendly, and only after that will they head back home to enjoy a well deserved Christmas break.

(EDIT: Check out the pics from their arrival in Kuwait HERE )

After that, theres the business of the January transfer window, when finally all rumours will be put to rest over a certain Mr.Robinho. Is he coming? Are they buying him? Is it a loan deal? I feel that at this point in time, Barca don’t need him. They have plenty of talent on their bench that they should utilise. I was throughly impressed with Jeffren’s performance. Pedro is going to become an intergral part of the team. And they also have the likes of Bojan.

After that it’s all focus on La Liga and the Champions League. Barca will have to try to somehow carry over this momentum to next year if they want to keep ahead of Real Madrid, who are literally biting at their heels. If they manage to not slip up at some point, it would be remarkable.

They were drawn a fair tie in the Champions League, they face Stuttgart come February. Well, no tie is easy, really, but lets face it, they could’ve gotten worse.

At the begining of the season, Pep was asked what more could they achieve after winning the treble. His response was to win 6 titles. They have won 6 in one year, can they make it 6 in one season?

What are your opinions? Managable or Madness?

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