Blaugrana Blitz: AC Milan 2-3 FC Barcelona (highlights & match pictures)

Cesc Fabregas *Nom Nom*

Group H has been secured. Barca clinched top spot in their magnum opus clash with Milan at the San Siro. What I thought would be a formality game (since both teams ad already qualified for the knockout stages) turned out to be rather entertaining. The Rossoneri did well in their physical style of play to fight back twice and level up against the Catalans. The nail biting event was already billed as a show down between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and former coach Pep Guardiola, after Ibra made scathing comments in his autobiography about the Barca legend.

Mark van Bommel opened the scoring, but not for his own, an own goal put Barca ahead in the 14th minute. Ibra did well to level until Messi put in a penalty just before half-time. The penalty in question was awarded after Aquilani brought down Xavi while he was headed for goal. Surely he was sent off? But no, instead the ref decided to book Nesta. The penalty itself was another drama. Messi was booked for stopping before netting it, and had to re-take it. But Messiah did just fine to put it in a second time, well he is the best footballer in the world isn’t he? Then 10 minutes into the 2nd half Kevin Prince Boateng leveled for Milan, before Xavi, who was supplied by Messi, clinched the winner.

In other news relating to the game, Cesc Fabregas is still unfortunately sporting that mop of a hair-do. And in what seems like an all round #superfail of a night in terms of hair, Ibra too was showing a less than flattering fro, he actually looked like a sumo-wrestler *cringes*

Here are some highlights incase you missed it:

Match pictures, Enjoy!


  1. It was such an exciting match, wasn’t it? It’s so much fun to see them play “full tilt”. There were so many moments of brilliance that I’d love to be able to capture, but I don’t have the knowledge of how to download matches and make gifs, etc. But there was that Thiago/Fabregas moment that was absolutely beautiful where Cesc almost scored a beauty of a goal. And that goal by Boateng? I could watch over and over again just because it was that pretty. I was a bit befuddled by Messi’s first penalty kick though… What WAS that? So uncharacteristic of him.

    1. I almost fell off my armchair when Fabgregas almost scored! As for Messi, I don’t know what he was doin? maybe he was just trying to see if he can score without even trying?

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