Blaugrana Blitz: Happy Birthday Pep!

Happy Birthday Pep! He turned 39 today, and boy, what a successful 39 year old he is!

According to his agent, he has received offers from 6 different clubs. Manchester United has long been thought to want Pep. Other clubs are like likes of Manchester City and a “top Serie A” club.

Laporta was initially a little pushy about Pep’s renewal, but after Pep expressed his displeasure with the pressure been but on him to renew, Laporta has since backed off and said that Pep “needs to be left in peace to make this decison,”similar sentiments echoed by the technical director Txiki. Laporta is also apparently not concerned by the interest from other clubs, which he considers “normal” as Pep is “one of the best in the world.”


Everyone’s always talking about Barcelona’s amazing attack force.. But people tend to forget that they have one of the best defenses! Actually, statistics show that they do have the best defensive record in Europe! They only concede an average of 0.56 goals per match, leaving their opponents in their dust. The neaxt best defence I’d French leaders Bordeux with 0.65, followed by Schalke with 0.72 goals per match. The strongest English team defensively is Chelsea with 0.86 goals scored against them per match.

Meanwhile the best defense in Serie A, whose usually known for a defensive style of play, has a 0.95 goals per match average, from Inter.

The management have started their review of the contracts of Gerard Pique and Manuel Pinto.
It is reported that Pique will be offered an extension till 2015 as well as an increases buyout clause (€50 million).

The club are also eager to hold on to Pinto, who is popular among both the players and staff.


After having 2 days off, training resumes tomorrow (yipee!)
As Barca focus on the weekend match against Valladolid!

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