Blaugrana Blitz: Iniesta fit for Villareal& Training Pictures

Ahhh the New Year has kicked off for Barca with sweet news about their injured players. Iniesta is ready to play aginst Villareal. Keita was training with the team again yesterday and is recoverling well. Jeffren worked in the gym.

The last training before Villareal took place at midday today. Pep had 21 men at his disposal, but will have to omitt 3 of those from the squad tonight. Ibra will have to lead the attack as Messi only returned from Argentina today, and will not play. Also absent from tonight: Keita, Jeffren & Toure.

Before the game kicks off at Camp Nou, Barca will parade their 6 Cups to their fans, before it sets off on its 110 town tour (rock star style).
Barca for the win!

Just heard, Should Barca win tonight, they break yet another club record. It would be their 16th straight win in La Liga. They have equalled the record set by the team of 84-85 of 15 straight wins. Come on Boys!

Training Pics:

Training 01/01/2010

“Ring a Ring ‘o Roses”:

Training 02/01/2010

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