Blaugrana Blitz: Oh dear! Getafe 1-0 FC Barcelona

disappointment for Villa & Co.

Well dear blog readers, its has happened. Barca have lost their first game of the season and have fallen 6 points short of Madrid. To make matters worse, Madrid had earlier won their match against Atletico by 4 to 1. panicking? No. Not yet.

In terms of the match, I feel that maybe the neon green is a bad omen for the boys. That  aside, Pep fielded an impressive side: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell, Busquets, Xavi, Thiago, Alexis, Messi & Villa. Fabregas was left out due to rumoured hammy strain. Also missing from the side, and you could feel their absence, Puyol & Iniesta. Iniesta was especially missed in the midfield as Thiago just didn’t bring much to the game, and I was quite disappointed with him. Not that I’m not all for giving the young ‘uns a run, but Alexis and Thiago both were lacklustre for me.The hosts were on top of their game, we cannot take that away from them. Even after Messi’s free kick was saved by the goalie Angel Moya, Getafe didn’t back down, instead they created chances of their own. After a handful of attempts from both sides, either saved or off the mark, in the 66th minute Varela headed one in from a corner to give the hosts what will ultimately be the win. Messi looked that he’d level the game but was called offside (I still contest that it was an unfair call… but these things happen, no?) I think overall, Getafe were prepared for Barca,while the Blaugrana were shy of the champs we are used to seeing.

However I truly believe that they will bounce back. We are barely half way through the season. Coach Pep Guardiola remains confident: “The league is not over. There is still a long way to go. We are competing against a great rival and you don’t get many opportunities to slip up, but we will recover from this and move on.”

Striker David Villa, whose disappointment was evident after the game expressed similar sentiments: “It is a shame to find ourselves so far behind the leaders, but this is not over. Soon we will come up against them (Real Madrid) and we are quite capable of beating them so that is what we need to be thinking about.”

Gerard Pique urged fans to stay positive: “The table shows that they (Madrid) are better than us just now. But I would ask the supporters to have faith in us, this is not finished.  We will go to the Bernabeu and try to dominate possession, as we always have done.”

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  1. I was really hoping they’d get a rest this week, but did I just see they play on Tuesday? Ugh…

    I’m not too worried either. They’ll bounce back or Madrid will slip-up somewhere… either way, it’s good competition and good for the sport to keep things interesting! Why else do we keep coming back for more!

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