Blaugrana Blitz: Pep Guardiola, Andres Iniesta & Training pictures

Pep Guardiola played down talks of his contract renewal: “now is not the the time to think about that,” he said

“The day that I feel I have to, I will speak to the management, but it’s not the time to do that now.”

“The future is tomorrows game against Sevilla,” he said “When the time is right we will talk calmly about my renewal.”

Apparently the contract has already been drafted and has a release clause for both the coach and club.


“It is not good to go into game with a feeling or revenge,” he said in reference to Sevilla knocking them out of the Copa del Rey “I think that the team has to play with calm heads. It is also not good to play against the same team three times. Now we both know each other well and I am sure that the game on Saturday will see things change again because all the players know what to expect. It can make some things easier and other things not so.”

Guardiola spoke again off his “failure” on Wednesday: “I did not say that the fault was mine, but that I failed because I could not find solutions. There were things that we did not do well over 180 minutes and we could not pass Sevilla and that is my responsibility.”

He was however happy with his teams performance itself: “I was delighted with the performance and to lose is part of the game. There is nothing good about going out, but we have to be proud because the players gave everything.”


“99 per cent of the players will stay here next season. They are all very good and happy here and the club is happy with them. There are no problems. The club is working and everything is stable.”
He also recognized the risk of transfer rumours spreading around after their exit from the Cup: “That is the worst thing about going out. There will be a lot more talk about acquisitions, transfers and the elections. This is bound to happen and I am not going to talk about it now. I would just to say in advance though that everything about new signings is false.”

Andres Iniesta with his friends Marc Gomez, Marc Lanchon and Ritxi Naval after training:

(^via his tweets)

Dani Alves trained with the squad again after he was granted absence from Thurday’s training. Barce play Sevilla at the Camp Nou tomorrow, and as usual when they’re playing at home, Pep will only announce his squad hours before kick off.


The players were all pretty upset when they were knocked out of the Cup on Wednesday. The players each took to their own way to show their frustration – but two players were overcome with emotion in the dressing room and broke down in tears. Any guesses who these players were?

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    • BlaugranaChica on January 15, 2010 at 11:00 pm
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    Hello! Great blog!!! I m very sad about the defeat of wednesday…i know tha Leo broke down in tears at the end but i dont know the other…anyway they did their best and i really hope that they wont be affected for tomorrow game!!!!

    1. Hey thanks for the encouragement! Yeah it was disappointing that they were knocked out but there’s stil 5 cups to defend! And its reported that Puyol was the other that broke down. Check it out here


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