Blaugrana Blitz: Pep & Pique have dinner & pictures from Barca’s arrival in Sevilla

Pep Guardiola has noticed in recent days that Gerard Pique has been looking a little off colour. Tired, depressed and dejected; and not to mention, team doctors noticed a slight drop in blood pressure, which may explain his drop in form. Pep decided to rest him for the match against Tenerife, and allow him to rest. Now Pep is not just any coach, who rests players and thinks that being physically fit is all there is to playing good football. Nope Pep has more of a wholistic approach to his boys.

So what did he do for Gerard? He took him to dinner on Monday night! The two apparently “exchanged views.” This approach is not new to Pep, last year when Henry had found himself somewhat lost in life, Pep took him to dinner to talk about the problems. So seems that the coach doubles up as the team shrink 😛


I recently blogged about how Pep was voted by the IFFHS as the best coach of 2009. They have also named Xavi as their best playmaker of 2009. Well done Xavi! For me, Xavi never gets the recognition he deserves. I’ve always said that Xavi is the conductor of the ochestra that is Barcelona (and Spain). He’s won this award for the second year running, this year he beat Messi by one point! The IFFHS said he won the award by “his way of playing smart.”

They guys arrived in Sevilla today, for their Copa del Rey tie. They all were sporting their bright yellow Barca jackets and looked like a bunch of car guards (in my country car guards wear neon yellow)

The match is currently in progress…

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