Blaugrana Blitz: Training Pics, Match Pics.. FC Barcelona Over-dose

Barca rose to an emphatic win over Villareal on Saturday. We really needed this win, it pretty awesome after being kncked out of the CL midweek.

The guys got straight back into training in preparation for Tuesday’s game against Tenerife.

Training Pics:

Villareal 1-4 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona 1-0 Inter

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  1. Great photos, I get the slight hint that you’re a Barca fan, am I right?

    1. Yip I am! Visca Barca! Who do u support?

  2. I am an Inter Milan fan, but in Spain I always cheer for Atletico Madrid.

    1. Ahh Inter knocked us out! But congrats on you guys making it to the final! It should be a very interesting match..

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