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The Origins of Zakumi

  Zakumi birthday is the 16th June, the same as South Africa’s Youth Day! He was born in 1994, the year that we got our freedom. He is therefore part of the “born free” South African generation. Zakumi is actually a leopard.  He is green and yellow, the colours all South African sports teams wear. …

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The World is given a taste of Africa

What a splendid draw it was indeed! Let me just say that it was possibly the finest draw that I’ve ever seen. South Africa really delivered tonight. I was really moved when Nelson Mandela, the Father of our Nation, gave his video speech. It was truly inspirational. Also, the talent that was showcased. I’m so …

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World Cup 2010: The Draw looms

The draw is upon us, the Cup is in Cape Town. The delegates are all probably suiting up as a type this. Everyone is all set to go. And this is what it’s all for: Over the past couple of years, there have been many doubts as to whether we are ready to host this …

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Tidbits: FIFA Draw, France’s Blues, David Beckham in SA

Argentina coach and legend Diego Maradona was reportedly told by FIFA to stay away from the FIFA World Cup Draw on Friday. Maradona was banned from all FIFA activities for two months, following his comments to journalists after Argentina secured qualification. The newspapers have been abuzz, suggesting that he would fly into South Africa and …

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Sepp Blatter reveals that Ireland asked to be included as an extra team in the World Cup

The FAI has sent a “humble” letter to FIFA asking to be included as an extra team in next years World Cup. After the controversial hand ball from Thierry Henry that saw France qualify over Ireland, the Irish had asked for a match reply. That request was discarded by FIFA and now the FAI has …

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Draw: The Details

Okay, so we know who is coming to South Africa next year. Now the next step is to see what draw our favourite teams will be dealt. That is when the REAL journey begins. Details regarding the draw: For the Draw: The 32 teams will be divided into 4 POTS. Each pot will have 8 …

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Roy Keane has harsh words for Ireland, my views on the issue

Roy Keane has no sympathy for Republic of Ireland exit. The former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United player had harsh words for his national team. He has lambasted the Irish for missed chances in both legs and has blamed their poor defending for “that” goal. He went on to criticize the FAI for appealing …

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Your Guide to the stadiums!

A conclusive guide to the stadiums for the 2010 World Cup

WOZA 2010: New Zealand Qualify for the World Cup and I couldn’t be happier! Why? Read on..

As a South African, I take immense pride in the fact that the World Cup is coming to my country next year. Over the past 4 years, I have seen my nation’s hard work materialize. I look at the stadiums we have built, and I get goose bumps knowing that they are the very best …

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Keita out of Mali’s World Cup Qualifier

Keita picked up an injury during Barca’s win over Mallorca on Saturday. He will therefore be unable to be a part of Barca’s match against Cultural or in the Mali squad this weekend. Full Article

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