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Footballers and Politics – should the two mix?

Lionel MEssi Photo Shopped pro-Israel images

Should football and politics/current affairs mix?

My Favourite World Cup Blogs

This World Cup has been one of the best in recent times. The flurry of goals – and good ones too – the comebacks, inspirational play, its all been exhilarating . I had the good fortune of enjoying 13 games at the last World Cup held here in South Africa, including both semi finals and …

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FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Things I Hope For

With just a few hours to kick off, here are my hopes for the coming tournament: That its set alight with one outstanding player Okay, lets be honest, at the last installment we didn’t see an out and out amazing player, who took the tournament by storm. Yeah, Diego Forlan was voted best player, but …

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Coming Soon!

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The Issue of Cesc Fabregas…

Growing up, I supported Liverpool from the age of 5 years old. I came to support Barcelona when I was slightly older (the local South African cable only got a license for La Liga a little later). I laugh with these teams and cry with these teams. When Michael Owen transferred to Real Madrid, I …

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FIFA: The Qatar 2022 Saga

I write this post with a very heavy heart. The recent allegations of corruption and bribery surrounding Qatar 2022 has left a very bitter taste, especially with the 2014 installment so close. When Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup  back in 2010, I was excited. I even blogged about it . What …

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World Cup 2014 fever!

  World Cup fever is upon us! And I have come out of another self imposed hibernation to blog about the tournament. Just to update you, since my last post I have gotten married, moved provinces (in South Africa, we call states “provinces”), taken up a new job and moved into a new house. So …

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Hey guys, incase ur wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while, my internets been down for a few days now… Its in the process of being sorted out. I’m typing this post from my phone. I too, have been yearning for the latest match pics and updates. Hopefully will have my Clasico post up …

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The Beautiful Game and why we Love it…

A friend of mine (whose not so much the sports fan) once asked me in disgust how so much money can be splurged into the game, while people go hungry in poverty striken parts of the world. I see his reasoning, being an economist by profession, he couldn’t understand how and where teams got such …

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The Situation over at Chelsea….

The situation over at Stamford Bridge seems to be worsening. This time Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has had to defend himself in the press yet again. It was concerning his management of the club, and he cited the all encompassing “I just hold onto my self belief and my belief in the players.”

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