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Michael Owen out for 6 weeks: A fallen Idol?

There was a time, many years ago, when I was convinced that Michael Owen was the love of my life. He was the star kid for Liverpool & England, the next big thing. Then he went and made the worst move of his career by switching to Real Madrid. Now I say this is the …

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El Clasico: Barca run rings around Real Madrid in an emphatic 5-0 win

So it wasnt really the close encounter I had expected. I’m happy nonetheless, of course. What we were all privileged enough to witness yesterday was sublime football. Football at its finest. That is how the game is meant to be played. Barca appeared to their adoring Camp Nou looking like men with a plan. From the word …

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Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A

Hello everyone! Its been almost 4 weeks since I’ve posted, and I apologise! I’ve been caught up with my studies! I will try to post atleast twice a week from now on! So the 3rd sales phase for World Cup tickets is over and I hope everyone is well pleased! The 4th phase opened last …

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My 2010 Wishlist

Okay, so I’ve kinda taken to making lists. So please bear with me to see how long this lasts! Here’s my latest, my wishlist for 2010: Liverpool finishes in the top 4 at the end of the season. I know there are sceptics out there. But I’m an optimist. Top 4 here we come!

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The World is given a taste of Africa

What a splendid draw it was indeed! Let me just say that it was possibly the finest draw that I’ve ever seen. South Africa really delivered tonight. I was really moved when Nelson Mandela, the Father of our Nation, gave his video speech. It was truly inspirational. Also, the talent that was showcased. I’m so …

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‘El Clasico’ build-up: The Barcelona-Real madrid Rivalry explained

One more sleep peeps! El Clasico is almost here! It’s so tight, Real Madrid sit one point ahead of Barca in the standings. Whoever wins will get the precious three points. But it’s really not only about the 3 points. Pride and honour will be what’s at stake tomorrow evening. The magnitude and intensity of these two giants …

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Roy Keane has harsh words for Ireland, my views on the issue

Roy Keane has no sympathy for Republic of Ireland exit. The former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United player had harsh words for his national team. He has lambasted the Irish for missed chances in both legs and has blamed their poor defending for “that” goal. He went on to criticize the FAI for appealing …

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FC Barcelona: Masch for Toure? The Cesc Saga and Messi gets Kaka’s vote, but I’m not convinced

Real Madrid are ready to battle it out with Barca over Cesc Fabregas. Its been reported that Cesc has a gentlemans agreement with Wenger to leave Arsenal at the end of this season. Cesc came up through the Barca youth ranks, and was a part of the legendary cantera class of ’87. But he never …

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Liverpool’s Woes: Mascherano will leave for Barcelona

It seems more and more clear that Masch will go to Barcelona at some point within the next year. It is rumoured that he’ll go for around £36m and earn around £100,000 a week, a step up from the £60,000 a week he currently earns with ‘pool. Masch will prefer a January move, But the …

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If Rafa Benitez lost his job, who would you like to see take over at Liverpool?

If Rafa Benitez lost his job, who would you like to see take over at Liverpool? My vote: Martin O’Neil Feel free to comment and let me know what you think

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