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Picture of the Week: Paulo Ito’s Message

A picture says a thousand words right? Brazilian artist Paulo Ito thought so too. He painted this on the doors of a school in Sao Paulo and the image has already gone viral. Despite a billion dollar tournament being held in his homeland and the millions spend on building and upgrading stadia, most of the …

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Does this image confirm Lionel Messi is going to be a father?

Many across the blogosphere seem to think thay Lionel Messi’s goal celebration last night was confirmation that he and girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo are to become parents. There have been rumours doing the rounds from as early as January, but the couple have remained silent on the matter. It seems unlikely that Messi will pull such …

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Picture of the Day: Saint Guardiola

BARCA Fans Please Help Me Figure Out this Picture

After examining these pictures for the better portion of my afternoon  (judging by the hair styles and dress sense, it must be 10 years old). I, for the life of me, cannot make sense of what I’m seeing. I have the following hypothesis: A) The first picture looks like a they were practicing for when …

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Picture of the day: Lionel “el Messiah” Messi

Lionel Messi runs towards his team after winning the Copa del Rey 2012

Barcelona players in their new kits

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Random Pic: Cesc Fabgregas in better times

Now this is a very old pic. One from his days in Arsenal. I decided to post it because, as you all know by now, he’s been sporting a rather questionable ‘fro these days. Alas! Who knows when we’ll be seeing a  shot like this of him again. *sobs quietly*

Messi Married?

So if rumours are to be believed, Lionel Messi and Antonella are back together.To take things a step further, they were rumoured to have gotton married in Ibiza! I feel like this is the umpteenth rumour of Messi’s marriage… lets wait for confirmation before we believe this one…

Random Pic: Cesc Fabregas – Gerard Pique Bromance – “Fabrique”

With Cesc Fabregas looking likely to finally join his beloved Barcelona, naturally my eyes have been peeled for the latest news on the “Cesc Saga”.. Lo and behold what my search led me to:):):) I just had to share! The possibilty of our favourite bromace being reunited is all too exciting.. Really hoping to see …

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