Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool (with pictures)

So it has been a good week or so since my last post. And in the process of exams etc I missed the opportunity to post about Liverpool’s triumph over Chelsea! What a shame, the odd occasion I get to gloat and it slips me by. Not that I didn’t have my book open in front of the T.V… I caught every second of the game in my naive attempt to bluff myself that I was studying.

As we all know by now, Liverpool edged Chelsea by an inch of a minute with Johnson’s later goal. Earlier, Maxi Rodrigues put Liverpool on top, only to have Daniel Sturridge equalise after half-time. Chelsea manager Villas-Boas was rightfully despondent after the game, with him conceding that the title will be difficult to obtain this season. With losses to Manchester United & Arsenal will be adding to his worries, will they win a high profile meet? Besides that, its rumoured this his relationship with club owner Roman Abromavich is strained (does Abramovich get along with anybody????). The Blues have already released a statement denying any dispute, claiming all is peachy (somethings definitely up).I think all in all, Liverpool played a better game. We seemed more organised and Chelsea had trouble getting past the midfield. King Kenny seemed positively delighted as the final whistle went and described the Reds as “fantastic”in his post match interview. Now to carry this momentum forward. Next up: Manchester City. The top 4 spot looks every more alluring, but its never been tighter.. currently Chelsea stand sentinel just above the cut ff line, with 22 points. Tottenham, Liverpool & Arsenal are all on 22 points as well, but Tottenham have 2 games in hand. Its gonna be messy, and we haven’t even reached mid season yet!

Some Match pictures:


  1. Like your blog, that was a great victory for us.

    1. Thank you & welcome! It was a great night indeed for all Reds.. YNWA!

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