Did you say “New York City FC”?

Ok, so David Villa announced his departure from Atletico Madrid and La Liga (and European Football) for an “offer he could not resist.” A few hours later it became official that he was the first ever player to sign for New York City FC. Then, in the same day, buzz started about Frank Lampard being stateside-bound.


Who is this New York City FC that seems to be planning a coup of our favourite footballers?

New York City FC (NYCFC) is the 20th franchise team to enter the USA’s national league, MLS ( Major League Soccer). Their formation was announced sometime in 2013. The club is jointly owned by Premier League team Manchester City(80%) and The New York Yankees baseball club (20%). In addition to sharing City’s home colours (light blue) , they will reportedly also share Manchester City’s scouts.

They are the second New York City football club in MLS, the other being the New York Red Bulls. The club will officially start playing in 2015 and they will use the Yankees stadium as their home ground (although plans are in the pipeline to build their own stadium). Jason Kreis, the former US National team player and Former Salt Lake City coach was named as the first head coach for NYCFC. You’ll probably remember Claudio Reyna for his time spent as a midfielder with Manchester City. He also captained the USA before he retired from international football in 2006. He will be the “Director of Football Operations” for NYCFC.

With the signing of David Villa and Lamps, this side is showing just how ambitious their are.

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