El Clasico!

Its Clasico Time Again!

Yes its that time again! Clasico time! The internet Gods came through for me and I’m all up and running just in time for it! Woohoo! Now, if you not sure about why this game is such a big deal, you may want to check this out before reading further: The Barcelona-Real Madrid Rivalry explained

Interestingly, these two sides have met In 215 time. Real Madrid have won 86 of those and Barcelona have won 84 times.  Close!  It just goes to show that these two teams are pretty much level. With Barca enjoying more of the success in recent times, Madrid will want to bag this to exert some dominance in the league that has been the playground for their bitterest of rivals. This is the 7th and final Clasico of the year. But this time around it difference. Barcelona have more pressure on them to deliver, to bridge that gap at the top and make things easier for themselves in the second half of the season. This time round, it will be closer than ever. Jose Mourinho & his men in white are stronger than ever, it will be difficult fr Barca, but not impossible.

Pep & Mou go head to head again

Possible line-ups for the night? In the Real Madrid corner, I think Mou will go for: Casillas, Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo,Xabi Alonso, Diarra, Khedira, Di Maria, Benzema, Ronaldo.  I think either way, Madrid have an impressive well-rounded side . I feel the defence, particularly Pepe will make all the difference, he really has the ability to close Messi down. Barcelona will have to work in breaking down that back-line.

Clash of the Titans: CR vs el Messiah

For Barca, I found this interesting. Pep has previously used a 3 man defense, but with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the opposition side, he is more likely to opt for a 4 man back line. I think he is likely to go for a 4-3-3 libeup. My prediction will be: Valdes, Alves, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Xavi, Mascherano ,Cesc, Messi, Villa, Iniesta. Due to Alexis good run of form, pundits feel that he will start with him over David Villa. I’m no Pep Guardiola, but given Villa’s record against Madrid, I would like to see him start. Also, the question of Busquets or Mascherano . I would go with Mascherano to give that defensive edge in the midfield, while allowing Xavi and Cesc to be  more creative. Well whatever it is, In Pep We Trust.

My prediction for the game? Well I still feel that Barca will win. They are superior in their midfield and attack. If theres one are that may let them down, it will be defense. But on el Clasico nights, Pique and Puyol especially are known to “come to the party.” It will be tight. I think Barca will edge Madrid out. Final score Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona. Whatever the score we can expect excellent football on show as these two giants meet in the biggest of all football rivalries. And if that fails to entertain you, there will be a fight. There’s always a fight.

Whats your prediction?




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  1. Happy Clasico morning! I’m a bundle of nerves, but just excited to watch some fabulous footy! I think you’re probably dead-on with the RM line-up, which makes me disappointed because it means no Ozil. However, he’s done that before in clasicos. Left him out and opted for a more defensive midfield. But it’s never been successful (as in a win…). Whatever they did for the Copa del Rey seemed to work best, but I can’t recall what it was exactly! I know Ozil started and I think that’s the time they played with Pepe harassing everyone up top. Maybe Mou will try something completely out of the box this time. And for Barca, I’ve been totally unsure about what Pep will do with Villa. Yes, he’s been struggling, but it seems to me like he has this crazy knack for scoring big goals in the most important games. I think I would start him personally. And I think we need Masch AND Busquets. But don’t know who to take out!!! This may be blasphemous, but maybe no Puyol. As for my prediction… my instincts tell me Real Madrid will win this one. But just barely. I also have this fear that they’ll score in the first 5 minutes. Just hoping (praying!) for a great game, and if I can be so bold, no fighting.

    1. Well you were right about the early Madrid goal and the no fighting prediction. You know, the story of Villa concerns me. When I saw the starting line-up, I too felt that Pep should’ve started with him, but I guess Guardiola knows best. There’s just something so troubling about having such a world class striker start from the bench, it tells me that either he’s lost the coach’s faith or he’s lost faith in himself. There have been rumours of discord between him and Messi. Is till rate Villa and hope that its all just a rumour, I would hate for it to turn into an “Ibra” case

  2. good post…enjoyed reading. I’m looking forward to ur post-match report 🙂 U were close with the final score! and u guessed the correct victor! congrats barca

    1. Thanks, the post match review is up. Not the impressive show I was hoping for, but effective none-the-less. Did you see Rafa Nadal in the crowd? He’s a big Real Madrid supporter, tmr I’ll try find you a pic of him at the game:)

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