El Clasico: Real Madrid not good enough for Barca

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the best match or the best performance by either team. Honestly, I was disappointed, I expected fireworks, which we’ve all become accustomed to seeing in el Clasico nights. But the Blaugrana boys got the job done. I knew they would win. I was actually shocked to hear that Barcelona went into the game as underdogs. Theres been a recent media storm about how they are running out of steam etc. Even after Benzema scored the first goal in the opening seconds, I told my buddy that Barca will come back.  If you didn’t watch the game, a mistake by Valdes early on gave Madrid the lead. Barca weren’t their fluent selves, as Madrid closed them down for a lot of the first half. But then Messi tore open  the Madrid defense and provided Alexis Sanchez who equalised. The second half saw missed opportunities for Madrid as star man Cristiano Ronaldo failed to impact. A Xavi strike deflected off Marcelo gave the Catalans the lead and Fabregas put in the third with an excellent header after Dani Alves galloped down the right and fed him an impeccable cross. It was all over for Madrid as their fans could be seen leaving the stadium well before the final whistle.

Mourinho attributed the loss to “bad luck” after the game. The only spot of bad luck was probably Valdes’ miskick and his own teams very lucky goal in the opening seconds. His team was inferior and he should just accept it like a man. Seriously. On an up side, there was no explosive fights, just one or two squabbles here and there. The only dubious decision by the ref was probably his booking of Messi for giving him “words.” When the Argentine made a real tackle that was a booking, the ref didn’t pull out a card. My friend, a Madrid supporter, feels that refs feel bad to send Messi off, as they fear the quality of the game will be diminished. What are your thoughts on this and your thoughts on the game?


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  1. Barca number one by some distance.

    1. Undoubtedly the side to beat, and they have been for 3 seasons now. It was a good effort on Madrids part though..

  2. Somehow I just knew Madrid was going to score early… but 21 seconds in? That’s crazy! Have they said if that’s any kind of record?! But I also knew Barca would be able to catch up. They are a team that doesn’t get down when behind but rather they get motivated… I agree about the fireworks. I was a little let down by the lack of “flash” but I guess you can attribute that to the fact that these two teams are so good at what they do, they both stopped the other from playing their best (if that makes any sense). As for Messi, I didn’t think his foul was deserved of a card, but that means nothing because I’m always wrong about fouls. 🙂 Of course, I was delighted about the fact that there were no fights, and even handshakes and hugs at the end of the game.

    1. Hey there!
      Yes I’m pretty sure Benzemas goal was some kinda record in el clasico, let me get back to you on that one…
      I felt that the two teams kinda “cancelled” each other out. But in the 2nd half, I felt Barca was definitely the stronger and the Madrid defense just ran out of energy. Again, this isn’t the Barca I’m used to seeing. Hopefully they’ll recuperate in the 2nd half of the season. They currently playing in the World Club Cup in Japan, so hopefully they don’t return all burnt out.

  3. Great piece – Ronaldo didnt get a look… did you get a chance to read mine?

    1. Thanks! Yes I did, found it interesting that the Barca plane was infested with… Rats!

  4. Thanks for your post-game summary. I liked your comment about no “explosive fights”…they seemed to handle this match maturely. It’s still a far way off to determine who will win La Liga this year.
    Once again congrats to Barca and their fans. 😀

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