FC Barcelona: Injury Update & Lionel Messi video (that awful tackle)

Well this was the kick that Lio Messi took to his mug during Saturday’s match against Bilbao. But that is not the injury Pep will be stressing about. Messi limped of in the second half, and now we hear it was because of a thigh problem . Apparently it is a grade one injury to his left adductor (that’s the muscle on the inside of your thigh). So it’s not a really serious injury, but now Pep faces a dilema on his hands: does he play Messi in the crucial Inter match and risk him aggrevating the injury; or does he rest him and do without one of his best players? The official site stated that Lio will not be ruled out of Tuesday’s game, and he is undergoing extensive tests to see what can be done about the injury.

One Barca Player who will most definitley be ruled out is Toure, who is still in pretty bad shape after been hit with the H1N1 virus. Rafa Marquez on the other hand has been cleared. After undergoing tests, fcbarcelona.cat confirmed that he does not have Swine Flu and may be match fit for Tuesday.

Some good news for Barca: Ibra has been recovering well and the Barca docs feel that he might even be ready by Tuesday (Yay!).

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