Guest Blogger: Your All-You-Need-to-Know Guide to the 2012/13 Season Ticket Prices

by Robert Frische (of the MatchDayApp Team)

As the new football season approaches, many fans will be concerned with the big business transfers going on and the new financial fair play regulations. The latter will try to limit the unfair advantage gained by clubs such as Manchester City who were able to win their first title despite making the biggest financial loss in football history – £197m.
However what will concern fans most is the cost of their season tickets which seem to rise inexorably every year. The  MatchDayApp team are well aware of this and that’s why we have created an app that lets you save money at every opportunity with the cheapest transport options, the best value hotels and the most reasonable places to get a pint at the end of the match.
To be even more helpful we compiled a list of all the season ticket prices for 2012/13, so you can budget ahead for what is sure to be another compelling season of premier league action! See you at the game….


Adult season ticket prices £985-£1955
Arsenal have regularly come under criticism for pricing their long suffering football fans out of matches. To make it up to season ticket holders, who have had to wait seven years without a trophy, they have frozen prices this year. The rate of £985-£1955 also includes seven cup matches. Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal’s chief executive, said: “We understand the pressures fans are under in the current economic climate and hope this will go some way to helping them.”

Tottenham Hotspur

Adult season ticket prices £730-£1,845
With bulging attendance for every game, and the cost of a season ticket creeping up and up, Spurs need a bigger stadium. Season tickets are up by as much as 5.79% to make Spurs one of the most expensive teams to watch in the Premiership. Now the cheapest adult season ticket has gone up from £690 to £730.


Adult season ticket prices £595-£1,250 (frozen)
The new Champions have cut the cost of attending next season Champion’s league, for which they automatically qualify. At the same time they announced a price freeze on all domestic matches at Stamford Bridge. Ron Gourlay, Chelsea’s chief executive, said: “This is the right approach to take in the current economic conditions”.

Manchester United

Adult season ticket prices £532-£950 (frozen)
Although Manchester United have frozen their season ticket prices, that won’t be much comfort to the 52,000 season-ticket holders who have been campaigning for a reduction in prices. The good news is that for the first time a season ticket is proportionally cheaper than members’ matchday tickets. Non-members’ matchday tickets are up by £7 more per game than the equivalent season ticket.


Adult season ticket prices £725-£780 (frozen)
The economic climate, and the poor performance of the team, mean Liverpool have frozen their season ticket prices. Attendances are up by 3.5% on last year so this is at least one bonus for the Anfield hierarchy. Ian Ayre, Liverpool’s managing director, said: “Having reviewed the current UK economic climate and our up and down team performance, we felt it important to flatten prices despite UK inflation being around 3.5%”.


Adult season ticket prices £399-£909
Season tickets are a complicated affair at Fulham. 295 entry level adult seats have risen from £329 to £399. Fulham have regraded a further 2,713 seats to entry level – 1,550 of them will be £20 lower, 700 are frozen and the other 463 are up by £30. Make of that what you will!

Newcastle United

Adult season ticket prices £373-£717
The 2010/11 season was one of unexpected joy for Alan Pardew’s team with a fifth placed finish and European football for next season. With success usually comes higher prices but in 2011 Newcastle launched a 10-year price freeze which guarantees the cost of a season ticket until 2021.

Manchester City

Adult season ticket prices £275-£745
With massive financial losses, and lots of success on the field, it’s time for Manchester City fans to start paying for their success. Season ticket prices have gone up by 9% to £275-£745 but the average attendance has also gone up by 2.5%. On the plus side Manchester City is still operating the Value Gold season ticket which is great value.

Norwich City

Adult season ticket prices £547-£608
Norwich’s first successful season in the premiership means that fans will now have to pay an extra 10% to see them next year. The cheapest adult season tickets are up by £47.50. Norwich point out that they have a high proportion of entry-level seats (14,744 out of 27,220).


Adult season ticket prices £443 – £672
Due to poor ticket sales (Everton usually have a slow start to the season and not many new signings to attract fans with), Everton have increased their season ticket prices. Although there were some cheaper tickets available during the early bird period, season ticket prices are now up by 3% to £443 – £672. There is however a nifty £95 junior season ticket for youngsters.


Adult season ticket prices £525-£595
As would be expected after being promoted, Reading are putting up their season ticket prices by a whopping 33%. There was an early bird window up until the 27th of April when tickets cost £375-£425, but their current prices are still lower than when Reading were previously promoted.

Stoke City

Adult season ticket prices £399-£599 (frozen)
Stoke City have frozen their season-ticket prices for a fifth successive year. They also have great deals for young fans as a quarter of season ticket holders at Stoke are under the age of 21. Last year the club broke their season ticket sales record and the stadium have been full to the brim.

Queens Park Rangers

Adult season ticket prices £499-£949 (frozen from revised 2011-12 prices)
QPR was the source of massive controversy last season with a huge 40% hike in season ticket prices. But this year there is something to celebrate with premier league survival and the fact that season ticket prices for the 2012-13 season have been frozen to the revised levels in 2011-12.

West Ham United

Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £600-£850
Despite West Ham’s attendances being down, season ticket prices have gone up by 16.6%. This is of course because they have won promotion to the premier league. Yet West ham’s owners stayed true to a promise that they would revert season ticket prices to the same level as 2010-11, when they were last in the top flight.


Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £240-£780
Adult Season Ticket prices start from £495, concessions from £325 (Senior Citizens, Young Adults 17-20, and Students) and juniors from £100. Southampton allows you to claim one free Under-11 Season Ticket when you purchase two adult tickets in the Family section.


Adult season ticket prices £425-£525
Falling crowds mean that Sunderland has hiked its season ticket prices by 5%. The Black Cats have however announced a price freeze on season tickets bought before March 26. Fans can also purchase a “Wear On Our Way” pass for £20 which includes bus and metro travel to and from all home games from anywhere in Tyne and Wear.

Aston Villa

Adult season ticket prices £325-£595
Villa are battling against low attendances and poor performances which means that they have frozen season ticket prices, but only for those who purchase before June 1. There are massive reductions on family tickets for two adults and two under 16s, from £405 to £695.

Swansea City

Adult season ticket prices £449-£499
With the stunning football that Swansea played last season it is no surprise that season ticket prices are being hiked up by 10% as the Swans look forward to another season in the Premiership. With all season tickets sold out there is now a lengthy waiting list.

West Bromwich Albion

Adult season ticket prices £349-£449
West Brom have taken the highly unusual move of cutting season ticket prices for everyone except over 60s (whose ticket prices are frozen). Adult season tickets prices are down by as much as £50, under 21s have discounts of up to £70, and under 17s have discounts of up to £30. Mark Jenkins, West Bromwich Albion’s chief executive, said: “We are hopeful this will lead to more young fans and families attending our home matches.”

Wigan Athletic

Adult season ticket prices £255-£350
Although Wigan has put up its prices by 2%, attendances are up by 10% and season tickets of £255-£350 are the cheapest in the league. Wigan have reduced prices for under-21s by 5% and brought under 16 prices down by 35%, offering a season ticket for £85.

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