Video: Joe Hart: “Give me the f@&*ing ball back”

England Keeper Joe Hart is caught kicking an advertisement board & seen yelling at a ball-boy “Give me the F@&king ball back” after Pirlo’s free kick. Italy beat England 2-1 in Manaus. Take a look:


Rude or just Frustrated?



Spain vs Netherlands: The Dutch get their Revenge

Spain 1-5 Netherlands

I like Spain. I know a lot of Barcelona fans that won’t support the Spanish National Team (mostly those living in Barcelona) due to political reasons. The Barcelona-Real Madrid Rivalry runs that deep, its not just about football. Since I was little I’ve always enjoyed possession football (or Tiki-Taka), so I naturally enjoyed watching Spain play.  At the 2010 World Cup held here in South Africa, I had the good fortune of acquiring TST (Team Specific Tickets) to follow Spain through the tournament. It was a great experience. So seeing them be torn apart, demolished – whatever you want to call it, it was brutal.


Spain's Celebrations - short lived

Spain’s Celebrations – short lived

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Brazil vs Croatia: Poor refereeing Mar’s Opening Game

Brazil 3-1 Croatia

Goals: Marcelo (og) 11′ Neymar 29′ 71′ Oscar 91′

I could feel the electrifying atmosphere in Sao Paulo, all the way from Johannesburg. The Brazilians walked out arm-to-shoulder as a sign of unity. I’m not Brazilian, but the national anthem gave me goosebumps, to see players singing their national anthem with such pride and passion is a rarity in this game. Coaches these days are even resorting to ordering players to sing their national anthem (I kid you not!)

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World Cup 2014: The Opening Ceremony, an Epic Fail

The world cup opening ceremony was positively underwhelming in my opinion. After witnessing the spectacle that the London Olympics gave us two years ago, the Brazilians seemed a tad underprepared.

Looking back to 2010’s opening ceremony, this performance looked like half time entertainment. Compared to a giant dung beetle kicking a giant football, the organizers efforts were a giant disappointment.

The World Cup 2010 featured a giant dung beetle kicking a football

I think the organizers had the right idea about showcasing Brazils “people, nature and football” (in their own statement) but the execution was all wrong. What they managed was a trippy, herb garden experience.

Opening Ceremony or Herb Garden?

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FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Things I Hope For

With just a few hours to kick off, here are my hopes for the coming tournament:

Its here! World Cup 2014

That its set alight with one outstanding player

Okay, lets be honest, at the last installment we didn’t see an out and out amazing player, who took the tournament by storm. Yeah, Diego Forlan was voted best player, but he certainly was no Ronaldo of 2002, or Zidane of 1998. I’m hoping for someone who will make me want to stay up till 3am (my local time of some of the games) just to watch him dribble, dazzle and score.

That an unknown player becomes an overnight superstar

You know what I’m talking about. That one youngster who, after a good show at a major tournament, is suddenly being chased down by the Chelsea’s and Manchester City’ of this world. Let’ s hope he only chooses wisely.

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FIFA World Cup 2014: Fun Facts

So the World Cup is on our doorstep, literally! With less than 24 hours to kick-off, I’m sure footy fans the world over are giddy with excitement.

World Cup 2014 Brazil is here

Here are some quick facts, I bet you never knew about the FIFA World Cup 2014:
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The prestigious Ballon d'Or awarded to the European Footballer of the Year

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World Cup 2014 Brazil: Team Analysis – Portugal

Portugal Team logo

Best: Third Place 1966

Group: G (vs Germany, Ghana & USA)

Coach: Paulo Bento

Portugal, along with the Netherlands have been eternal underachievers. At the last world cup they were knocked out in the round of 16 by eventual winners Spain. They are drawn in the group of death, and will have to work to advance. Continue reading

A Look back at the World Cup Mascots

The tradition of a World Cup mascot has become almost as popular as the games themselves. Mascots these days draw attention from the youth and are always part of the marketing campaigns for each tournament. Here I take a look at the best and the most ridiculous:

England 1966

World Cup Willie

Hosted in England, the 1966 was the first time a mascot was used for the World Cup. Willie the Lion was a roaring success and set the precedent for future mascots.

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The Issue of Cesc Fabregas…

Growing up, I supported Liverpool from the age of 5 years old. I came to support Barcelona when I was slightly older (the local South African cable only got a license for La Liga a little later). I laugh with these teams and cry with these teams. When Michael Owen transferred to Real Madrid, I wasn’t happy to say the least. Years later when he announced his signing for our bitter rivals Manchester United I was utterly disgusted (read my article: Michael Owen: a Fallen Idol). When Fernando Torres transferred to Chelsea, I had similar feelings. I know this is silly, players move from club to club, but as a fan you come to expect from the players the same sort of loyalty you show to your club. After all, you stick with your club no matter what, why shouldn’t the they? (And they’re getting paid handsomely too!) I guess in this game, money does talk. But still, there is a certain amount of decorum you expect especially when the said footballer has been groomed and “raised” by your club.

Cesc Fabregas during his time with Arsenal

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