Pep Guardiola takes full blame for Barca’s loss

Barvelona lost their match against Sevilla on Tuesday night at Nou Camp. They went down 1-2. The match was not without its fair share of controversy – Bojan’s disallowed goal, Sevilla’s penalty.. (Match pictures at the end of the post)

In the wake of the defeat, coach Pep Guardiola has taken full responsibilty for the loss. He has also reaffirmed his own decisions as well as spoken of his support for the “fringe players.” I always thought that Pep is a class act, and his post match conference proved that. 

He’s starting XI may have shocked some, but Pep knows what he is doing, and just because Barca have taken only their second loss this season, its not the end of the world.

The crowd was particularly hostile towards Chygrynsky, I myself am very critical of him. And the fact that he gave away the penalty didn’t help win any brownie points either. But Pep defended him: “The dissatisfaction directed at Chyrgynsky was already in place even before the match started. He is a great player and has been for many years. The more they jeered him, the more we will help him. He will prove his worth to everyone some day.”

He also took the hit for the loss:“If anyone should be guilty of anything, it should be me. If we lost tonight, it was because I made a mistake,” he said in reference to his selection. He however made a very valid point, and reiterated that the “fringe players” were important to the 6 cups: “We won six titles with all of them, not just with the first eleven. To continue to be competitive, they will all have to do their part.”

“As long as I am in charge, at least until the president throws me out, I am the one responsible for the well-being of my players. I know some of them may struggle but I want every one of them to get a chance. And the truth is every one of them worked their socks off. Whether they did well or not is another issue.”

The return leg is on th 13th in the Sanchez Pizjuan, and Pep is already thinking about a come back: “We are going to Seville to try to make a comeback, and qualify for the next round. That, I don’t have a doubt.”

Pictures from the match:

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