Random Pic: Cesc Fabregas – Gerard Pique Bromance – “Fabrique”

With Cesc Fabregas looking likely to finally join his beloved Barcelona, naturally my eyes have been peeled for the latest news on the “Cesc Saga”.. Lo and behold what my search led me to:):):) I just had to share!
The possibilty of our favourite bromace being reunited is all too exciting.. Really hoping to see them playing as teammates once again!
I don’t know about u guys, but these two should just get married already 😛

gotta love “Fabrique”


  1. it is actually a difficult choice for Cesc because at the Barcelona also have good players, so it becomes a challenge for Cesc to be able to strive to become the primary choice of the coach.

  2. Brilliant…love this post. Now Pique will never leave Cesc’s side again.

  3. Cesc Fabregas in barca you deserve more than in the arsenal,
    your game becomes better

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