Real Report: They continue to blame Higuain…

Reports from Spanish newspapers claim that the Real Madrid players are blaming Gonzalo Higuain for their Champions League exit. Not to mention the wrath of the press and fans he’s incured.

Just lay off him aready! As much as I am a Barca fan, I do respect a lot of the Madrid players, and I’ve always thought that Higuain was a class act. He’s always been used as a scapegoat whenever things don’t go down well.

It seems that everyone is infuriated by his missed chances and his reluctance to pass the ball to Ronaldo.

I just feel that the powers that be at the Madrid headquarters are just trying too hard. They’ve spend some big bucks aquiring some of the best players the game has, but to demand immediate results is just obsurd. That Madrid side is still a “baby” squad, that hasn’t quite learnt to gelled yet. And one must learn to crawl before they can run.

I can understand that Barcelona’s success recently has had many a Madrid fan hungry for glory, but team building is not an overnight process. Many of the Barcelona players have grown up together, so its easy for them to read each others game, there’s more of an understanding. I say give Los Blancos some time, and most definately stop blaming one player!

Kaka has also been bearing the brunt of their exit.

But ex-Galactico Robinho has come to the defense of Kaka saying: “whenever something goes wrong at Madrid, they blame the foreign players. The same thing happened with me.”

Robinho vouched for his countryman: “Kaka is spectacular and will recover from this situation. – am sure he will be very successful with Madrid and Brazil.”

While Madrid are most likely to stick with their stars, one man who everyone seems to think will be on his way out is manager Pellegrini.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger added salt to the wounds by saying “Money cannot buy Champions.”
The Arsenal manager was widely tipped to replace Pellegrini in the cauldron. But he has since downplayed all speculation.

British press are convinced its Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez who will be at Madrid next season. Yay or Nay? U decide.

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