Semi-Finals Round up! Including Pictures from both matches :)

Well, one things for sure. A new team will be lifting the World Cup come Sunday! This World Cup has already made history. And the two best teams to have never won a World Cup have made it to the final!

06/07/2010: Cape Town

It was utter jubilation for the Netherlands as they beat Uruguay in a scintillating display of football…
The crowd was mostly on the Netherlands side, after much of South Africa turn against Uruguay due to Suarez’s handball against Ghana. Talking point in this game: Was Wesley Sneijder’s goal offside? Afte watching many replays, I must admit that it was a very tight descision, and the refs generally gives the benefit of the doubt to the striker when its very close. On this occasion, well done linesman.

07/07/2010, Durban:

Spain beat Germany by one goal, thanks to Barca captain Carles Puyol, who was outstanding at the Moses Mabidha in Durban. Germany did not display what they showed against England and Argentina. Spain controlled the match as they usually do. Vincente del Bosque opted to start with Pedro over Fernando Torres. His starting line up consisted of SEVEN Barcelona players!

Talking point: the youngster Pedro, who failed to pass the ball to Torres in what was an open oppertunity. I think people should lay off him, he is after all, still learning. And his mistake did not cost his team the game.

Match pictures:

Whats your take on both of these matches? And what do you think of this World Cup that we’ve hosted here in South Africa? Let me know!


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    • Peter Reynolds on July 8, 2010 at 8:53 pm
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    Great pictures!

    The World Cup has been fantastic. Now I understand why I hate English football.

  1. i love this blog….

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