The Beckhams: Jet-Setting Harper while the boys bond with Daddy

Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper were spotted catching a flight from LA to New York. The little Becker was looking very much like the fashionista, and how appropriate, since she was accompanying Momma Vicky to a fashion presentation in NYC.

Just Like Momma

While Mum and daughter were spending quality time, seems like David took the liberty to do the same with his boys… at a pottery studio! David accompanied his sons to the “Color Me” studio in LA where they got their hands dirty. But Cruz (6years) seemed to be only one really interested.

Cruz the painter... dad not so much

We think it’s rather cute how much little Cruz looks like Papa Becks, what with his little mow-hawk and all. Eldest son Brooklyn was in attendance and he too resembles Beckham Sr, albeit a bored one. We’re surprised at how time flies, it seems like it was just yesterday when the Beckhams welcomed their first-born into this world, and unabashedly named him after the city in which he was conceived.

Can we go home yet?

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