Tidbits: Tevez depressed, Rooney has a date with UEFA & more.

  • Barcelona have recently been interested in Tottenham man Gareth Bale. Reports have surfaced that Pep Guardiola had his scouts sent to check him out. But Sandro Rosell felt that he was a little to steeply priced.
  • In a bid to sign Europe’s young talent (as opposed to megastars), Real Madrid have short-listed Jack Wilshire as one of their targets to acquire by 2014. Bayern Munich’s  Rafinha, Athletic Bilbao’s Iker Muniain, Lille’s Eden Hazard and are all also on the list. This is in keeping with their idea to mould players from a young age into their style of play. Why not just sort out your youth academy? Surely that will be cheaper?

Real Target?

  • Rooney’s appeal date has been set for 9 December 2011. Rooney was shown red in England’s qualifier against Montenegro for violent conduct, and was penalised with a 3 match ban, which would see him miss the group stages of EURO 2012.Roo has come forward and taken responsibility for his actions: “Obviously, it’s devastating for me but it’s something that’s my own fault, so I can’t really complain.It was stupid by me – I regretted it as soon as I did it. It’s no excuse, but I still feel the punishment is a bit harsh. I’m disappointed with it.” How he has matured. What with all the bitching that players do about bookings and punishment, this comes as a breath of fresh air to us. But maybe sooner or later he’ll learn to stop fighing? No? Wishful thinking?
  • Carlos Tevez has kinda disappeared, or taken “leave” from work,without so much as a sicknote. Only it has emerged that he may very well be clinically depressed. The Argentinian will not return to England. After rumours of his unsettlement at City, and the eating binge he went on, I do feel for Tevez. But perhaps this could have been handled in a more professional manner? Apparently City will meet in a few days to discuss the matter and even hold talks about a replacement.
  • And lastly, England Captain John Terry is holding firm that he is innocent. Allegations surfaced that he made racist comments to Anton Ferdiand. He also reassured his fans (?) that he has no intention of resigning as England captain, despite being “rested” against Spain. The Chelsea skipper claims to have gotten messages of support from “all over the world.” He has been banned from defending himself publicly and has expressed his frustration with that. It really agonizes me when the race issue raised its ugly head. I just wish this issue can be done and dusted with already, so we can all go back to enjoying the beautiful game.





  1. Wow Rooney… I’m impressed! If only everyone would step up and own their transgressions the sport would benefit considerably.

    1. And considering all the shenanigans going on in football of late, we could use a few more Roo’s!

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