World Cup 2014: Crazy Team Demands

We all know Hollywood celebs to be divas and we’ve all heard stories of stars like Mariah Carey and J.Lo making ridiculous demands on tour. Well, footballers these days seem to be none the better. With national teams all focused on preps for the upcoming tournament in Brazil, some of the demands they’ve made to their hosting hotels seem a bit extreme.


  • France: they’ve demanded that each players room have two different types of soap, the soap must be in the liquid form. The hotel had to also repaint each room so that every players is identical.

Kaka Soap?

  • Algeria: they would like Quran in each room.

  • England: they’ve asked for a lot. A private restaurant exclusive for the Three Lions Team and staff, a games room with 3 TVs, gaming consoles and an assortment of the latest games and sole use of the gym and swimming pool. They also requested their rooms contain brand new furniture, beds, wooden floors, rust-free balconies and air conditioning.. just to name a few. (Phew, Posh indeed!)

Not a bad life, Eh?

  • Honduras: Spanish language TV including 2 local Honduras channels.
  • Japan: all rooms must have a Jacuzzi.
  • Australia: requested coffee machines in close range to their living quarters. They also want to stay up to date with current affairs and would like a daily selection of newspapers from the world over.
  • Uruguay: wants silent air-conditioning in each room. (This one doesn’t seem too bad)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: in order to separate the conversations of the players from the staff, a sound proof screen had to be installed in the dining area. (Weird, right?)
  • Chile: new beds and flat screen televisions in every room.
  • Portugal:  a gaming console in each players room. They’ve also asked for 6 security guards to be on duty for the team 24/7, 2 of which will be dedicated to look after Cristiano Ronaldo (what a diva)

Where’s my security when I need them??

  • Costa Rica:  a large chill-out room with Tvs and video games.
  • Switzerland:  Swiss television channels in all the rooms and high-speed internet (now that’s my kinda request!)
  • Ecuador:  a “chill room” of sorts, so players can unwind. They’ve also asked for a basket of Ecuadorian bananas for each player.

And the best:

Colombia asked for 15 lucky youth players to take part in their training sessions. 






  1. England.. oh dear, we are picky huh. Fair play to Columbia though, that is a very cool thing to do!

  2. England are picky, but I think Japans request of installation of Jacuzzi’s in every room tops them all!

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